The Long Life of a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. They are known to endure hurricanes and areas hit by tornadoes. Some containers have crossed arctic seas,  others have traveled tropics, and yet some have made voyages through both. Shipping containers’ sturdy, steel construction along with it’s modular, rectangular form is built to last.shipping container

Just how long can the everyday shipping container remain in the game? We found that the common shipping container is likely to have been in international operation for an excess of 10 years. Meaning, most shipping containers are used, and they have ran the international circuit plenty of times over. Many would be pleased to know that with proper care the same shipping container can last upwards of another 20 years.

What else can shipping containers be used for? People have found creative ways to repurpose and purpose shipping containers including military housing, offices, instant medical facilities, construction storage, retail storage, moving and housing storage.  Would we even imagine that some have retrofitted their cargo containers to serve as expo stands?shipping container arctic

With the diverse functionality of the shipping container coupled with the long lifespan, TransporterZ saw an opportunity to specialize in transporting shipping containers. What a surprise it was to find that of the 4 modes of transportation sea, rail, road and air, the mode most employed continues to be the road. According to  there are about 11,301 million tons  of goods and materials freighted by road in cargo containers throughout the world each year. A surprising number indeed, especially in comparison to the other modes. Roads accounted for nearly 10x that of rails, which happens to be the closest competitor.

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