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Top 5 Helpful Tips For Your Move

Moving day… for some it’s an exciting adventure.  You are starting a different chapter, it’s a new beginning or a fresh start filled with hopes & dreams.  But for others, it’s very different. Change can be challenging….maybe even stressful.  At Transporterz, LLC we want to help by offering some helpful tips for your moving day.  We know you are not moving mountains but even a small move can feel like a mountain if you are not organized or prepared.  Good news, a bit of planning ahead can make you move easier.

Tip #1: Use a Moving Checklist.
Several checklists are available online to help you plan ahead.  Many tasks can be done weeks in advance to relieve your stress the days leading up to moving day.  Here is a link to a Moving Checklist provided by Real Simple.

Tip #2: Keep Children & Pets Out of the Way!
It is unsafe & distracting to have a child or pet running around on moving day.  Plan ahead for a sitter and everyone will breathe a little easier.

Tip #3: Be a Part of the Packing and Pickup of Your Items.
When you are present you can help provide directions to the movers & ensure that boxes are organized and labeled.    If you can’t be there, then you should ask someone to stand in for you. Most movers will issue you an inventory of all items. Look over the list carefully and make sure the inventory list is correct. If an item is lost or damaged, you don’t want to find out later that it’s not on their list of inventory.

Tip #4: Make Sure There’s Parking for the Truck.
When the storage container or moving truck arrives remember it will need a place to park.  This is important both at the move out location & the move in. If your location is a house, then this step is simpler for you. But if your place is a high rise apartment, then you need to plan ahead by reserving a place to park & load/unload. What about the elevator?  You may need to reserve the elevator– be sure to notify the property manager ahead of time so the movers can carry things on the elevator as soon as they arrive.

Tip #5: Food, Friends & Fresh Water.
If you didn’t hire movers and your friends or family members will be your movers for the day, then make it easy on them.  Don’t expect them to pack boxes for you. Have all the boxes packed before they arrive. This simplfies the day so all that needs to be done is loading/unloading in the storage container. You can even decide beforehand which friend will be assigned to which furniture and boxes. Plus, be sure to have plenty of cold beverages, healthy snacks, fresh water and food.  These are so important to fuel your moving team.  Stay hydrated & fed.  You all deserve it!

We hope you have found these tips truly helpful.  If you are planning a move, Transporterz LLC would like to help.  We are the moving, storage & transportation specialists!  Contact us or call us at (602) 721-6859.

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