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Trinity Buoy Wharf Uses Storage Containers Creatively

What  an innovative, one of a kind Urban Space. This building structure you see here is by Urban Space Management. They were given the task to create a concept for Trinity Buoy Wharf in 1997. The crew was given a constraint to build “industrial” type urban housing. With that concept in mind they utilized standard forty foot shipping containers to achieve the “industrial” look and feel to blend with the brick and mortar era backdrop. What is most promising is the time the project took to complete. Because Container City’s utilization of prefabricated steel modules, the project fit perfectly. It was completed within just 5 months of it’s launch. It is 4 stories high, with 12  fully furnished work studios, spanning  4,800 sq. ft.

Container homes are becoming more popular as they enter the mainstream media. Shortly after the Trinity Buoy Wharf caught the attention of local and global newspapers, the same method was used in Container Learn, a 2001 project for Tower Hamlets College, providing 12 extra classrooms.  The “Container City” system has also been used to create office space, sports halls, nurseries, community centers, artist studios, retail space, living and working space, and sound recording studios.

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