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Cool & Innovative Homes from Recycled Shipping Containers

At Transporterz, we use shipping containers every day.  We utilize them for the typical purposes of moving, storage and transportation of goods.  To see a container being hauled by a moving truck or 18 wheeler is totally expected.  But, would you ever expect to live in a container?  The first thought from most of us is…NO WAY!  For some of us it’s absolutely….especially when the container has been recycled like those found on  Some innovative companies are taking recycling to a whole new level.  Check out these amazing photos of living spaces on their site.

Resource Photos & Quotes from, “The idea of living in an old shipping container is fascinating, especially if it looks like one of these structures from IC Green, Inc. The company reuses trashed shipping containers and converts them into a wide range of structures, from 320 square foot studios to 2400 square foot homes.”

“Apart from the shipping container bones, the dwellings are well insulated with radiant floor system, which minimize the energy required by the home. If you need much better systems, the company will also install green roofs, solar and geothermal energy systems for an additional charge.”

“The structural rigidity in the metal frame and corrugation of the shipping container equal more than standard timber and steel construction. This factor leads to ease in stacking and joining in many possible configurations. The optimized frame construction allows for more square footage within the same footprint as a standard timber construction, making it particularly successful for any small and large scale housing project. Construction time from start to finish is significantly reduced through prefabrication of about 80% of the structure. Once a plan has been selected, the factory prepares the unit by cutting for windows, doors or removing sides. Windows, flooring, and other finish materials are applied easily through use of standard dimensions and pre-assembled framing.”  It’s amazing what can be created!  That’s an innovative living space that most of us could enjoy. Such a creative way to recycle.

And, for those of us that need a shipping container for the traditional purpose: moving, storage and transportation… TransporterZ is here to help! We don’t just move containers.  Whatever you need moved, contact us for an affordable quote or call us at (602) 721-6859.

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